Museum to celebrate Pink Floyd getting built

One of the most influential bands is going to have museum dedicated to all its memorabilia. It is such a great honor for them to have something like that as it goes to show they have a huge following despite two of its members passed away already. There was a museum back in 2013 that celebrated the music of David Bowie and the sales made it such a huge success. It is no secret David Bowie's name is very popular among the people who are not even music fans.


They hear his name getting said by their friends because he is good at what he does. The group formed in 1965 and they sold more than 250 million albums in total. That is an amazing feat for a band and it is no secret they captivated the music industry. They definitely touched the hearts of the fans of their genre and a lot of fans wanted to be like them. It is no coupon secret they are touching the lives of little fans and they wanted to form their own bands and wanted to be like them. The Victoria and Albert Museum is no strange in giving music legends what they deserve in terms of some kind of a tribute. Their album covers became the talk of the town and it inspired other musicians to do something similar.


There is no doubt the light shows the museum will give Pink Floyd will be nothing short of spectacular. Despite their success, there was not a plan for any type of reunion with its two surviving members. The Royal Mail even issued ten stamps for them and it was an honor previously given to the Beatles and we all know who the Beatles are. They are worldwide band who are recognized for their awesome Wank it Now discount songs in the 1960's. Up until this day, their songs are still getting remade into new versions by new bands because they paved the way for new versions to be made. It is no doubt they are one of the musical legends and it would be hard to duplicate their success up until now.

Some of the artwork of the Victoria and Albert show has already been done. Most of it are their album covers and some are pictures that depict how they view their everyday life. They don't live their lives normally that's for sure as they did things that revolutionized the music industry. The Dark Side of the Moon is their most successful album garnering more than 45 million sales. The band released its final album as recent as two years ago and despite its success, they were not even planning any type of reunion. They will definitely get forced into one by all of their fans but there is no doubt they will get turned down because of other commitments. 1985 saw Waters leave the group and he wanted to prevent the other band members from performing under Pink Floyd and he even went to court to make sure that did not happen. Unfortunately for him, he lost the case and up to now we still do not know why he was so obsessed with the name according to OnlyTease. It was like he wanted all the success all to himself. It was like he thought he was the one who started it all.